July 24th – 26th, 2020

As you are aware, the Carlton Area Chamber of Commerce typically plays a key role in assisting with aspects of Carlton Daze. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, in order to prioritize the health and safety of our community, the Chamber will not be acting in any capacity with respect to Carlton Daze in 2020. This includes organizing, schedule development, advertising, parade and the 5-K race and any other miscellaneous tasks. We are, of course, very sorry and sad about this situation, and look forward to the time when we can return to community events as normal. In the meantime, please help our chamber members by finding creative ways to support their businesses by scheduling future projects, buying gift cards, taking advantage of the creative ways they have developed to serve you, and visiting any open establishments. They need us all now, and we need them as part of a vital community.