218 Tek LLC

Owner: Bobby Dorman
1586 County Road 4
City: Carlton
State: Minnesota
Zip Code: 55718
Phone Number: (218) 203-0511
Email: bobby@218tek.com

What would you like the community to know about your business?

218 Tek LLC is a new business that has recently opened based out of Carlton, MN. My aim for the business is to be able to help local businesses and individuals with their computer and technology needs. I try to offer guidance and information to help them make the best decision possible when it comes to technology. In addition to that, with over 10 years of experience in the IT field I have a wide reaching knowledge base that can help with just about any IT need you might run into.

Tell us the history of your business/organization and its connection to the Carlton community.

I grew up in the Moose Lake area and graduated in 2013 from the Moose Lake High School. While finishing high school and college I also worked at Mercy Hospital in Moose Lake. Throughout my time in the community, I’ve helped many individuals and businesses with their technology needs. This year in 2021 I moved to Carlton and decided to officially open a business to see if there were other community members and businesses that were in need assistance. I certainly understand that technology can be extremely complex, so I just want to do what i can to help make things a bit easier.

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